Voodoo Altar Kit For Love

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Voodoo altar kit for love. 

The set includes everything you need to perform a successful lovespell Plus more:) 

• beautiful hand painted (washable) voodoo altar piece (Papa Legba Veve)
• 2 red candle (dressed in voodoo oil)
• chunky red candle (hand painted Erzulie Freda Veve)
• charcoal for burning
• bag of herbs
• bath salt (for your ritual bath)
• Gris-Gris bag
• faceless voodoo love doll
• Luck Success Hoodoo Oil
• Come to me Hoodoo Oil
• 7 incense
• full instructions, detailed guidance how to perform your spell.

* magick is our forming existence
Believe: everyone in the world is capable of creating magick *

It is made by me. The voodoo oil base oil is organic, can be used in skin. (Contains nut so consider this if you have but allergy - please email me to change the base Oil) 

even though I strongly believe in my products I cannot guarantee the outcome. Magick is in you - I only supply the tools
Selling as curio
Entertainment purposes only