Papa Legba Altar Kit /travel altar/bruja bag

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Voodoo altar set in hand painted wooden box - 

one of a kind truly - pictures don’t do justice to the items. 

Perfect to set up an altar or use the items to add to your existing one. 

Carefully selected the items so you can perform various rituals according to your desires.

The set  contains:

- Papa Legba veve hand painted altar cloth (washable) 

- Papa Legba Juju doll (all unique as I made them per order) 

- yellow or green voodoo doll 

- voodoo pin

- Hoodoo wash

- Florida Water Soap (60g)

- crystal infused hoodoo perfume (roll on  -  10ml)

- altar mist 

- 3 Hoodoo oils (7ml each) -(Cyphre, Abramelin and Abre Camino oils ) - happy to swap if you want different 

- 2 red candles

- 2 black candles

- yellow candle

- green candle

- 3 cowrie shells

- 3 Tonka Beans

The weight of the altar set is just below 2kg(4.4lbs) so the international postage is higher than other items, as postage is weight calculated.