Hoodoo Lamp - Setting of lights

Hoodoo Lamp - Setting of lights

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Custom made (made per order) hoodoo lamps

Setting of light is an ancient hoodoo tradition.

The lamps are made as per wish.
Please email me for details

These little hoodoo lamp jars are filled with petition, corresponding hoodoo oils, crystals,herbs, roots, petals and resins. I bless and pray over each ingredients as I add them into the jar - when it's assembled it goes in my altar to be blessed by my ancestors & spirits.

The hoodoo lamp fuelled by simple olive or vegetable oils.
The wick is enough to burn for 10 hours, but never burn that long at one go! (15/20 minutes - max an hour at a time is enough - you will see as the oil level goes down) It comes with instructions.