High John The Conqueror Root

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Listing is for one Root only.
You will receive a nice sized Root approx 1.5-2 inch long

Money, success, protection, love!

High John the Conqueror, a son of African king in Congo who was sold in slavery; his unbeatable spirit, his luck, success and escape into a life of joy.
Hoodoo practitioners ask him to aid efforts and bless life with his power.

Main ingredient of the famous Jalop Oil

It is said dried root can also be carried as a talisman. Hoodoo practitioners carry High John root in a green bag to draw luck, money, success or luck, red bag for love.

Gamblers are known to use this root by boiling it in water and using the tea as a hand wash prior to going to the casino.
The talisman is also said to stop depression, draw courage and to protect one from spells and hexes.

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