Handmade Fixed Hoodo SpellCandle

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Listing is for ONE FIXED spell candle - blended with corresponding  herbs, oils, roots, powders or/and various ashes are cooked with-or added to the wax according to desire

The candle then bathed and anointed with Hoodoo oils and placed on my altar to be blessed and activated, before I send them out.

all you need to do is say your intention/desire (or write it down and out under candle) and light the candle. 

 Please message me for questions or orders, let me know the situation or the desire of the purpose of thebspell candle - so I can select the best ingredients for you. 

no additional oils are necessary 


Please note that each candle are slightly different as I custom make them per order.


Please allow me a minimum of 24 hours to prepare your candle - as I make them per order.