"Dream Invasion" Hoodoo Spellkit (male)

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This spell is for men who need to be persuaded into a relationship, get back an old lover, who fear from commitment, or for whatever reason.
The spell designed to inspire him in his dreams to truly love you and long for you and become your loving partner in the real life
This is a powerful but gentle, loving spell

The Spellkit contains
One male figure candle
"Spellbound" Hoodoo oil 3ml
"Erzulie" love Hoodoo oil 3 ml
7 incenses 
Rose petals
6 Cinnamon sticks
parchment paper

Please contact me if you're not sure which spell is the best for you!

even though I strongly believe in my products I cannot guarantee the outcome. Magick is in you - I only supply the tools
I'm selling it a curio and for entertainment purposes only