Black/Red Cat Spell kit for Luck/Success

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 cats are honoured, loved, even worshipped (I.e. Bastet) - especially black cats - in almost every culture. They're believed to bring good luck and fortune.

this spellkit is designed to make its users successful and  lucky their endeavours 

This  cat spellkit contains

- black cat candle (black outside-red inside : black to clear away negativity and red to bring in positivity, Luck and success)  ( over 5in' / 13cm)
- "Fast Luck" Hoodoo Oil (6ml)
- "Black Cat Hoodoo Oil (6ml)
- "Van-Van" bath/shower gel (100ml) (handmade by me, pure gel infused with essence of van-can Hoodoo Oil, herbs, and pyrite crystal dust)
- brown parchment paper
- sachet of mixed herbs known in occult for their luck/success bringing properties
- instructions

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